Why so many small businesses are parting ways
with payroll…

It’s easier than ever to say so long to payroll:

We do the processing

Our dedicated team handles all of your complex payroll tasks, including direct deposit; check processing; tax payments and payroll reporting; W2, W3 and 1099 processing; and more.

You stay connected

Via our advanced online platform, you have access to your data and documents whenever you need them.

Your business stays compliant

Rest assured that all payroll reporting and filings will be processed on time and compliant with current payroll laws.

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Affordable, quick and easy payroll for small businesses

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  • Payroll processing
    • Prepare payroll for all 50 states, plus federal and local taxes
    • Submit payroll tax payments to tax agencies
    • Prepare payroll tax returns for home state (additional fees may apply for additional states)
    • Provide employee access to electronic paystubs and W2’s
    • Provide employers access to electronic pay records
    • Retirement remittance
    • Garnishment contribution remittance
    • Accruable benefits
    • Direct deposit
    • Multiple schedules and pay rates
  • Tax compliance
    • Payroll tax report filings
    • W-2s
  • Integrations
    • Accounting
    • Time-tracking
  • Help along the way
    • Employee setup
    • New hire report filing